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Why OS2

Lost or misplaced assets, inventory and resources drain a business’s time and money. That is why we have created OmniScan2. OmniScan2 is a custom software solution that is designed to eliminate guesswork. OS2 delivers a real time view of your supply chain with the use of barcoding and RFID technology. Its device agnostic, customer driven, and gives you complete visibility to help tackle any of your yard, facility and warehouse management challenges. As your valuables move from state to state or yard to truck, OS2 can accurately track, locate and report on all of your equipment. Our solution is packaged with antennas, fixed readers, and reliable handheld devices that give you batched or real time access to information pertaining to the whereabouts of all your assets, inventory and even vehicles. OS2 ties into your existing inventory control system and allows you to check items, make inventory adjustments, issue picking slips, and more – all while you’re on the go.

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